Local Girl's Guide to Maui
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About the Guide

Local Girl's Guide to Maui
is a travel guide I update monthly of my favorite
restaurants, local foods, farmers markets,
beaches, snorkeling spots, hikes and walks,
activities, shopping and travel tips.

The $15 guide is a digital PDF file that I'll email you.
You can print it and/or take it along on your
smartphone, laptop, tablet or e-reader.

The guide is a great gift
for anyone you know who's going to Maui.

Before buying the guide as a gift,
email me the full name and email address of the lucky recipient.
  After I email them the guide, I'll email you a confirmation.

I update the guide MONTHLY!!!

Things change quickly on Maui.

Every month I check out the new restaurants and put the good ones in my guide.

Some restaurants aren't as good as they used to be
so I remove them from my guide.

Every monthly edition of my guide
has the latest information about what's great on Maui
(unlike guidebooks which are out of date as soon as they're published.

That's why I update my guide monthly and distribute it digitally.

This is what you will find in the guide

Top 10 Things to Do on Maui
Top 10 Things to Eat on Maui
Local Foods
My Favorite Local Restaurants
What to Buy in Grocery Stores
Farmers Markets and Craft Fairs
Local Entertainment
Walks and Hikes
Snorkel Spots

Do you like to travel and experience local culture?

Are you a foodie that likes to eat in local, family-owned restaurants?

Do you want to know where to find the food and locations
you see on this website?

If so, this guide is for you!

If you donít like to stray from your comfort zone
or if you only eat and stay in corporate hotels and tourist restaurants,
this guide is not for you.

Local Girlís Guide to Maui
started as a list of my favorite restaurants
that I gave my friends going to Maui.

Over the years Iíve added information
for my travel clients.

Now Iím offering it to you,
but only if you want to see Maui as a local girl does.

Why should you trust my instincts
over the widely read guide books out there?

For the only reason that matters:
Iím a local Hawaii girl.
Iíve grown up, lived in and experienced the islands my entire life.

I update the guide monthly
so you will always have the 411 and the 808 (Hawaii area code)
on whatís happening on Maui.

Honolulu is the best city in the world for eating!

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