Local Girl's Guide to Maui
Get Local.  Live Local.

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"Hawaii from a local's perspective"

All the information about activities, local food delights, places that you just wouldn't find anywhere else.  A must-have local guide for anybody to see Hawaii from a local's perspective.

- S. Goel (Brunswick, Ohio)

"Wouldn't dream of going without it"

We travel to Maui from Texas quite frequently. We wouldn't dream of going without periodically getting an updated version of the Local Girl's Guide to Maui compiled by a local resident, Donna Bender. Donna reviews restaurants, things to do, what the locals eat and where to buy such things, shopping tips, where to buy your groceries, etc. Over the past 10 years or so I've bought 3 guides from Donna and they are always point on. We just got back from 10 days in Maui. We ordered her Guide before we went so we could refresh ourselves about favorite spots and new and updated things to do/see before we went and then had it with us the whole time we were on the island. Don't go to Maui without the Local Girl's Guide to Maui. It's worth every penny and then some.

- Bobbie & Budge Mabry (Georgetown, Texas)

"The true heart and soul of Maui"

Best guide to Maui and best money spent on a guide.  The true heart and soul of Maui comes out in her guide and it is truly updated with the latest restaurants, shopping, snorkeling, hiking and other places to visit.  Her information on the local way of life is right on. If you just want to golf and stay on the beach, don't bother. But if you seek an active, true Hawaiian experience, this is the guide for you. We had some of the best local food and experiences as a result of following her tips and suggestions for our family experience.  Will definitely use her guide again on another trip.

- E. Alspach (Lacey's Spring, Alabama)

"Made the trip less touristy"

I loved using the Local Girl's Guide to Maui and Oahu!  It made the trip more personal and less touristy.

- L. Baldschun (Portland, Oregon)

"My go-to guides"
Donna, you and your guides are my go-to whenever I'm lucky enough to make it to the Islands. I get to go right past the tourist traps and hit the genuine stuff instead!

- Steve F. (Roselle Park, New Jersey)

"My favorite Maui guide!!"
My family and I (2 adults, 2 teens) spent our vacation in Maui this summer for the 2nd time in a few years. For us, considering that we are traveling all the way from the Netherlands, maximizing the experience is a must. Luckily, relatives had recommended that we bought the Local Girl's Guide to Maui. Prepared by the "Local Girl", Donna Bender, the Guide is spot on. Like many, going to Maui, our family primarily wanted to do a lot of snorkeling and spend as much time on the beach as possible ... and at times, explore around! Although we are not big planners, my husband and I started with getting the Guide before traveling and followed Donna's recommendations picking a hotel on one of Donna's favourite beaches. Jetlagged at first, the kids could be on the beach very early in the morning.

Donna's recommendations pointed us in the right direction to enjoy snorkeling sites full of sea life (swimming with turtles, eels, and beautiful schools of fish). We enjoyed every minutes at the market and on day trips (with ice creams!) The culinary experience was awesome. We now have some great memories of dinners at restaurants as well as some fantastic take aways (the Mahi Mahi!!!) to the lanai watching the sunset that Donna recommended. The FOOD was just fantastic, and we savored dishes we never ever dreamed of before. On top of all that, we followed Donna's music advice and the 4 of us loved them so much that we ended up buying a ukulele for our son to bring back to The Hague!

This was by far the best holiday we have ever had. We can't wait to go again!

- Bisoubelle (The Hague, Netherlands)

"Authentic Hawaiian experience"
Wow, what a lot of info!  Your guide will really be helpful and provide us with a more authentic Hawaiian experience.

- R. Coenen (Green Bay, Wisconsin)

"Gives us new adventures to try!"
We own a condo in Maui and think this guide is great for finding new things to do and places to go.  It is up to date and gives us new adventures to try!

- Nancy H. (Menlo Park, California)

"Great insider recommendations"
The Local Girl's Guide to Maui was SO thorough and had so many great insider recommendations for making the most of our trip.  I'd done a bit of research before purchasing this and was impressed that it included some of the same recommendations as sources I'd consider "food authorities".  But hers was so much more helpful because it included tips of when to go, what to order, and more.  I went to most places on her food list and agreed with just about everything she said!  There was way more in here than we could fit into one trip, so I know this will be helpful when we hopefully start coming to Maui annually!  And the fact that she updates it makes me confident it will be a great resource for years to come.

- A. Saracino (Seattle, Washington)